Sunday, July 13, 2014

S-21 Khmer Rouge detention centre in Phnom Penh (converted school building)

FYI: This Khmer Rouge section is somewhat gloomy.  You have been warned.

Roughly 17,000 prisoners went through S-21 detainment centre.
Between 1.7M and 2M Cambodians were killed during the 3years and 8months of Khmer Rouge rule 1975-1979

Exhumed bones from Choeng Ek killing fields - 14km south of Phnom Penh

S-21 holding cell

Photo of corpse found during Phnom Penh liberation by Vietnamese military.  Bed with shackles where one of the dead bodies was left.  Khmer Rouge had fled after killing remaining prisoners of S-21.

Forced labour for Cambodians worth keeping alive to work in the fields

A few of the many pictures of prisoners after torture/death at S-21

Roughly 17,000 detainees went through S-21, most were photographed on arrival.  After several months' detainment, nearly all were sent to Choeng Ek for bludgeoning (saving bullets) and mass burial.

 Equipment used for torture.  Mostly for confessions of anti Khmer Rouge activity.

This is a memorial inside a limestone cave in NW Cambodia near Battambang city.  It is a place called the killing caves.  Mostly young and elderly (not good for working in fields) were taken up a mountain by K.R, lured by promise of being reunited with family.  At the top they were bludgeoned and thrown through a skylight opening of a cave (below)

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